Boone County HS principal apparently decided to remove mascot

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Boone County HS principal apparently decided to remove mascot on his own

Gone for a year is Mister Rebel, replaced with a simple blue block letter logo.

And apparently Boone High School principal Tim Schlotman decided to do it on his own, without input from the community.

"We are a global community. We are a very diverse, student community and I didn't feel the image of Mr. Rebel coincided with our global community," said Schlotman told Sinclair Media.

The change took place quietly last summer. Not under pressure. Schlotman says a student community represented by the flags of 40 different countries deserved better.

"We want them to all feel welcome in the building so that's why we started to phase out the use of the Rebel logo," said Schlotman.

Most Confederate symbols are being removed in communities dominated by Democratic Party voters so Boone County, a conservative Republican community, is a rare exception.

Tim Schlotman says it was not an issue at Boone County, but the rebel image no longer fit. He says the rebel name still does.

"There's been no discussion of changing the name," said Schlotman.

Principal Timothy Schlotman said the decision had nothing to do with nationwide efforts in Democratic Party strongholds to remove symbols of the Confederacy.

Photo: Sinclair Media