Boone County schools superintendent says budget situation is 'grave'

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Boone County schools superintendent says budget situation is 'grave'

Superintendent has grave concerns about
costs for K-12 education in the state as responsibility
shifts from state to local level

Boone County Superintendent Randy Poe blames politicians
for statewide school budget crisis

In what very well be a trend in many areas of the commonwealth, property owners in Boone County will be seeing an increase in their tax rate to fund their ever growing school district.

Last week, the school board voted unanimously to increase property taxes which are expected to bring in $3 million additional dollars to the district which will bring the overall total of property tax revenue in the district to $81 million.

State funding for the district is expected to decrease based on changes made to the Support Education Excellence in Kentucky (SEEK) formula.

“The local boards of educations have to make the decision that our state representatives will not make, they just continue the cuts, so there have been multiple cuts over the years,” Poe said.

“We operate in Boone County Schools, at $20 million less than the average district in the state of Kentucky per pupil average.”

Poe is confident that the Boone County community will continue to support the district financially, but he is fearful that if the current shift continues with more and more burden put at the local level, you could see a number of districts not able to survive.

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