IN BRIEF: Woman seen walking across Cody Road bridge

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Ghostly woman seen walking across
Cody Road bridge

The bridge, in Independence, is a railroad bridge that runs over Cody Road, right at the point where a creek runs under it.

So you have the bridge running above you, and the road dips somewhat below it.

With the creek and low road, this area is prone to flooding when the creek rises.

Flooding here was such a common occurrence, swinging gates were permanently placed on either side of the creek, marked with stop signs, to be closed whenever the waters start to rise.

The legends of this area revolve around a woman who was killed there.

Legends is not sure how. There are three stories that have circulated on how she died.

Reports from this area are often of a woman in white, walking the bridge, sometimes crying, others say yelling for help.

Orbs, phantom trains, and disembodied voices are also reported here. Some locals refer to the phantom as 'Pig Face', supposedly referring to her injuries after going head to head with the train.
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