Covington KY man steals boy's ashes from car

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Covington KY thief breaks into car, steals ashes

An unusual car robbery happened earlier this week according to a Covington KY couple, notes Raycom Media.

Stacey Cox says her boyfriend's car was broken into which had all kinds of things in it. "Money, a debit card, he had shoes he had clothes,” she said and none of those things were taken.

The only thing taken out was the window and the dead brother’s ashes which were in a box, says WXIX.

“The ashes of his brother were sitting right there in the middle and a picture of his brother was sitting on top of it,” Cox said.

The family has no idea who could of done this or why the vandal chose only to steal the box containing the ashes. Mario Justin Oden, was killed in an accident when he was 11-years-old.

The car was left overnight in the parking lot of the Covington Tobacco Shop on 4th Street.

Dead man's ashes were taken from this car on Fourth Street in Covington KY

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