Covington KY: More IRS staffing cuts on the way?

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Covington KY: More IRS staffing cuts on the way?

As you know, the IRS "flattop" building in Covington is closing in 2019 and along with it the loss of 1800+ workers out of about 3000 working in Covington, depending on the time of year.

Former Covington City Manager Larry Klein at the time of the announcement said payroll taxes from all the workers to the city is about $5 million.

But wait a second, before going further know this: A part of the IRS operations is planning to stay, at the Gateway office building on Scott Street. That's where the other 1,000 to 2,000 employees are housed.

What you may not know is President Trump wants more personnel cutbacks at the IRS nationwide and that could be determined in September.

Covington KY is poised to lose 1800 IRS workers, maybe more

"The White House budget office has proposed a 14.1 percent cut to the I.R.S. for the fiscal year that begins in October, reducing the agency’s budget to $9.65 billion; six years ago, it stood at $12.1 billion ($13.6 billion when adjusted for inflation)," noted the New York Times.

If approved, that will mean more people losing their jobs. But where it will happen is unknown at this point. Covington could be safe.

On the other hand, talk of more cutbacks has made current workers in Covington nervous.

"We've been hearing rumors for a long time, and everyone is concerned," said a worker posting at the NKY News Network.

Closing the flattop building will affect more than employees. Contract help for things like I.T. and maintenance will no longer be needed.

And dozens of restaurants, who were severely affected by the government shutdown in 2013, will also see a reduction in customers.

Skyline Chili at the Gateway Center told WLWT at the time that 90 percent of its business is with IRS workers.

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