Kroger, others grocers offering free fruit for kids

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Kroger, others grocers offering free fruit for kids

Parents write approvingly about free fruit for
kids at Kroger stores

Kroger stores are offering free fruit to kids who are accompanied by a grocery-shopping parent.

Some Kroger grocery store locations are allowing youngsters to select a free piece of produce to munch on while their Mom shop.

Kroger spokeswoman Kristal Howard confirmed that the fruit give-away is real, although it is limited to participating locations, notes the fact-checking site Snopes.

Doesn't seem to be a challenge to find those locations in Northern Kentucky.

Many readers at the Northern Kentucky News Network have posted on social media the locations where kids can get the fruit.

"We use it all the time! It keeps my almost 2 year old busy," wrote Suzy Woodring. "It's located in the produce section, usually, but not always easily spotted! Every Kroger I've been to in NKY has it!"

Nate Toney wrote: "It's great! Keeps my two year-old happy while we shop for groceries" at the Independence store.

"Our Kroger (in Highland Heights) has a little fruit stand for the kids with the free fruit! Love it! It's an awesome distraction while we shop!," says Brittany Nicole.

A basket of fruit, free for kids at an unnamed Kroger store

"I do wish there was a way to mark what they have because I always feel like people think I stole a bunch of fruit for the kids munching behind me!"

Others report free fruit stands sightings at the Newport, Latonia, Mt Zion Road and and Walton. Which means they're probably at every Kroger store in NKY.

"Trust me," writes Jodi Guenther Fields, "if you have kids, they'll find it. (But, honestly, it's super easy to find at Mall Road or Union.)"

Another NKY News reader noted the service is available at other grocery chains in the area as well.