Actually, Gameworks will be expanding in Newport to fit eSports stadum

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Actually, Gameworks will be expanding in Newport to fit eSports stadium

Gameworks in Newport will be expanding for an eSports stadum

UPDATE: Gameworks in Newport will be expanding to accommodate an eSports stadum, and everything else will stay the same.

It will lease another 10,000 square feet at Newport-on-the-Levee to construct the arena and add egaming rooms.

General Manager Tom Heim says the current amenities are staying, including the bar and restaurant.

A company called Oomba has acquired the remaining GameWorks locations, including the one at the Levee.

According to a press release, Oomba plans to convert the existing locations into eSports stadium facilitates but Newport will keep its current format as well.

Oomba CEO, Michael Williams says, "GameWorks is the perfect venue for our vision of eSports Stadiums, VR experiences and hosting 'game night'.

GameWorks management will stay aboard and the combined companies will operate as Oomba GameWorks.

eSports is rapidly increasing in popularity and most arenas that exist for traditional sports are simply too large to have events at.

Most GameWorks locations are massive in size and could accommodate modest stadiums to showcase events -- especially on a regional level.

But for Gameworks Newport, that means expansion.