Legislator proposes legalized pot to help state's pension crisis

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Kentucky legislator to introduce pot bill

But that caused the state's governor to
lose his mind because he doesn't
like the baked edibles

A Kentucky state senator said recently that he would propose a bill to legalize and tax marijuana to help pay for the state's underfunded pension system.

Other Kentucky lawmakers have floated the idea of using taxes from legal marijuana to deal with state's pensions crisis as well.

But that caused Kentucky's governor to lose his mind.

Gov. Matt Bevin has been going around to talk radio stations this week to push against the proposal, saying he would never allow recreational marijuana to be legalized in the state because he's worried about people overdosing on pot.

Jason Riley, a reporter for WDRB, said Bevin specifically expressed concern about marijuana baked into edibles, such as brownies and cookies, as a primary means of overdosing.

Bevin (photo) , a favorite of the Tea Party movement, told WHAS radio personality Terry Miniers that he had heard horror stories of marijuana overdoses in Colorado, which first voted to legalize pot in 2012.

However, the governor has never expressed concerned about the estimated 2,200 deaths from alcohol poisoning every year, or an average of six deaths per day.

Kentucky is well-known for its fine bourbon.

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