Nazi put Florence KY on the map and mayor is not happy

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Neo-Nazi put Florence KY on the map and mayor
is not happy

Florence Mayor Whalen did not know about Fields until out-of-state reporters started to call her

James Alex Fields Jr., the 20-year-old Nazi enthusiast accused of killing one person and injuring 19 others during that white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va., had spent most of his growing-up years in Florence.

A reporter from the Charlotte Observer took a trip to his hometown of Florence in an attempt to understand Fields' influences.

Among his first notations was the city has a "major road called Dixie Highway" with a photo, obviously a warped attempt to tie Florence to racism.

Not surprisingly, Democratic Florence Mayor Diane Whalen didn't know about Fields' connection to the city until a couple hours after daylight on Sunday morning, says the Charlotte paper. Nobody local told her earlier, highlighting the chronic lack of aggressiveness by Cincinnati area media which tends to play along, it's easier that way.

The Associated Press and Toledo Blade were among the first to reach her.

They all wanted to know this:

Was there anything about this small city that could have possibly led James Alex Fields Jr. to embrace such hateful thoughts Ė and later act on them?

"Not the kind of publicity a city would prefer," Mayor Whalen said.

By then, he had heard the same refrain in Florence.

"Idiots grow up in every city," another person responded.

"I hope that people who read those stories recognize that it could happen anywhere," Mayor Whalen said. "I donít think the majority of people attach that dateline, that location, to our area and say, 'Everything there must be racist.'

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