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Guilty! Latest pleas in Kenton County
Brand new listing of guilty pleas in Kenton County. Recognize anyone? Check the entire list.

NKY officer calls 911 for help,
ends up jailed on DUI charge

Greg Sandel Jr., an officer in Northern Kentucky, had the following conversation with a dispatcher in Boone County on the night of Oct. 14.

2 toddlers seriously
injured in Boone crash

Two toddlers were seriously injured in a crash Monday in Northern Kentucky, police said. Authorities said two cars collided around 2:30 p.m. in the area of Bluestem and Camp Ernst roads in Burlington.

Oregon gives up on taking
foster child from KY home

The state of Oregon has given up on taking a foster child from her Kentucky home.

Kentucky robber found
with the other trash

Police say they found a Kentucky robbery suspect hiding in a "herbie" trash bin.

Why are more bald
eagles nesting in Kentucky?

More bald eagles chose to raise their young in Kentucky this year than ever recorded before, the state fish and wildlife department says.

Charter/Spectrum raising internet rates to make up for lost cable customers
A recent survey from Morgan Stanley found that cable companies have increased broadband prices by an average of 12% in the last year.

Kentucky gets extension, your driver's license is good
The Commonwealth of Kentucky has a little more time to become Real I.D. compliant, but local officials say it's still not enough.

Chisholm runs over SK for 448 yards
It is rare that one player beats an entire team but Jake Chisholm did his best to accomplish that feat in a 56-38 win over the Simon Kenton Pioneers at Chlorine Menifee Stadium. The senior running back carried the ball 43 times for 448 yards and scored six rushing touchdowns.

8 ridiculously charming train rides includes one in KY
If there’s anything Southerners love more than sitting and staring, it’s eating as they do it. You’ll eat in style during this 20-mile trip between Bardstown and Limestone Springs in Kentucky’s famed Bourbon County.

Suspected burglar dies by own gun in dangerous Covington
A suspected burglar is dead from a gunshot wound he suffered while running from police in Covington.

Another rape reported at NKU
A sexual assault classified as first-degree rape was reported to campus police on Wednesday, the second this semester.

Wife of accused killer David Dooley: Second trial will free him
The families of Michelle Mockbee and David Dooley will have to wait even longer for the start of a second trial.

Newport police looking
for stabbing suspect

A man in Newport claims he was stabbed trying to defend a woman from getting beaten up by her boyfriend. Now, police are searching for the suspect who they said left the scene before they arrived.

Walton man sentenced for death of girlfriend's baby
A judge sentenced a man to 20 years in prison for killing his girlfriend's baby. Cody Phelps had pleaded guilty in September.

KraussMaffei adds $3 million technical center in Boone County
KraussMaffei Corp. has created a new innovation center at its U.S. headquarters, a $3 million project designed to help the company help its customers.

Race car driver sidelined after new car, trailer stolen in Florence
Jeff Aslip said he's had success on the race track over the years, say news reports, and with his new car, was moving into a new class that would have him traveling the country.

Creepy: Three humps in the road are where the witches
The Witches Tree, also called Witch Hill, is an urban legend in Alexandria, Kentucky.

Kentucky group renews push for higher cigarette tax
“The whole idea is to cut this terribly damaging smoking rate that we’ve got in Kentucky,” said Ben Chandler, chair of the newly formed Coalition for a Smoke-free Tomorrow. “We’re 70 percent above the national average, and [smoking] has tremendous economic damage.”

Kentucky man in Pikachu costume who hopped White House fence
Kentucky man in Pikachu costume who hopped White House fence told police he wanted to be YouTube famous, say newspaper reports.

Kentuckians (not Ohioans) will probably need a passport to travel state-to-state by plane
Residents of some US states including Kentucky will soon require additional ID, such as passports, if they wish to embark on air travel - even if just domestically.

Boone County Deputy's carjack
helps to save boy's life

Deputy Ryan Strange only had seconds to act, grabbing a jack from the back of his SUV, and rushing to a car. His body camera was recording as he saw a 15-year-old boy lodged underneath it.

There are really a lot of Kenton County convictions
Here's the list of people convicted in Kenton County over the past week.

Woman rescued after vehicle overturns in Ft. Mitchell
A woman had to be rescued from her car after it hit a pole in Ft. Mitchell and overturned. The accident took place on Dixie Highway, near Silver Avenue, before 7 a.m. Tuesday morning. That near the Ft. Mitchell Baptist Church.

Bond for driver who killed
Latonia boy reduced

The cash bond for Christopher Wells, the man whose vehicle struck and killed Eli Lindt in Latonia, has been reduced to $7500, says a news report. Originally was $50,000.

You may see changes
at your Kroger store

Kroger is planning to revamp at least 20 to 30 percent of its 2,793 stores, the Cincinnati-based company recently announced.

Columbus MLS team likely moving and that's good for Cincy (and Newport)
Columbus MLS team wants to ditch city for Austin -- and that could help with the Cincinnati bid, say newspaper reports. FC Cincinnati is considering Newport for its stadium.

A foodie gift to deputies
from local church

Boone County Sheriff's Office, says: Special thanks to the members of Burlington Baptist Church for providing lunch (Chick-Fil-A) to second and third shift.

Newport Steel mill
becoming a distant memory

Although it wasn't that long ago, seems hard to believe that the region had a huge steel mill in Wilder called Newport Steel.

Creepy: Man appears out of nowhere at Twin Tunnels
According to local legend, a man was killed in one of the tunnels here back in the 1930’s, and if you come here after 10:00 pm, you will see him in or near the tunnels.

He's coming to Cincinnati, but first, take a look at this according to news reports.
Florida governor declares state of emergency for white nationalist Richard Spencer's visit.

Somehow, Covington schools thought handcuffing was OK
A federal judge found that it was unconstitutional for school resource officers to handcuff two Covington elementary school students in 2014.

One woman dead, one injured after tree falls on them in Fort Wright
One woman was injured and another died Friday night after a tree fell on them at the Lookout Heights Civic Club.

Teen on skateboard struck
by car in Hebron

A teenager is fighting for his life after being hit by a car while skateboarding in Hebron.

Cincinnati Fire Department pulls body from Ohio River bridge
The Cincinnati Fire Department says they found a body in the Ohio River Saturday morning.

Creepy: Ghostly woman
seen walking across bridge

Reports from this area are often of a woman in white, walking the bridge, sometimes crying, others say yelling for help.

Bengals: 50+ years
Bengals were founded in 1967 as a member of the American Football League (AFL) by former Cleveland Browns head coach Paul Brown. Brown was the Bengals' head coach from their inception to 1975.

Conner High School teacher was arrested for inappropriate contact
A Conner High School teacher was arrested for the inappropriate contact and texting (sexting) with one of his students.

Three in Covington steal food
from a delivery person:

Even the delivery person isn't safe when in Covington.
Comments at NKY Life >

Trump cancelling subsidies likely means end of Obamacare
Trump to issue stop-payment order on health care subsidies. Says the payments are illegal because the Congress failed to act.

Seriously? Hotel in Georgetown KY allows horses
Many hotels have policies to include your furry family members, but often establishments only allow dogs and cats -- sometimes with strict limitations.

Seniors will get an extra $25 a month from Social Security
Preliminary figures suggest that the annual increase will be around 2 percent, which would mean an extra $25 a month for the average beneficiary.

Naked man threatens police with a tomahawk in bizarre altercation
A naked surburban Cincinnati man ran at cops with a tomahawk and bayonet telling them to shoot him.

Newport police investigating after pumpkin shatters windshield
Newport Police are investigating after someone smashed a pumpkin through the rear windshield of a car on 16th Street.

Rowan County clerk Kim Davis
re-emerges -- in Romania

The Kentucky official who was jailed in 2015 for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples has been advocating against gay marriage this week thousands of miles from home -- in Romania.

That body seen in river last
weekend? It's been found

That body someone reported seeing last weekend in the Ohio River that NKYNews told you about on Friday and updated on Saturday ? It was recovered on Wednesday. No further details at this point. Photo is from last weekend.

Best bets: Week 8 in
high school football

It’s the second-last week of league play in Northern Kentucky, and home-field advantage is on the line in practically every district. Here is a look at the Best Bets for Northern Kentucky in Week 8, at the link.

Cincinnati light
show underway

Cities across the world have been doing light shows. The travelling show comes to Cincinnati.

KY legislator to introduce legalize pot bill; Governor loses his mind
But that caused the state's governor to lose his mind because he doesn't like the baked edibles.

Proposed Covington apartment complex is looking more
like one big money pit

The for-profit developer says a water storage tank will have to be installed underground before construction can continue, it was announced Tuesday night at the commission meeting.


Congressman says he carries gun while in Northern Kentucky
We get it if he's talking about Covington, but all of Northern Kentucky?

Yet another shooting in Covington
There has been yet another shooting in Covington. 911 Dispatch says a person has been wounded in the East 16th Street area Tuesday evening.

Man charged in fatal
crashes on Dixie Hwy

Maxwell Detzel of Fort Thomas was arrested Tuesday on one count each of manslaughter, DUI 2nd offense and assault. He also was charged with two counts of criminal mischief.

City delays your right
to get drunk on Sunday mornings

The city has pushed aside a suggestion that certain alcoholic drinks be allowed at restaurants and bars beginning at 9 am on Sundays. It was an effort to compete with Over-the-Rhine and other neighborhoods in Cincinnati, because Covington establishments are slowly losing customers to restaurants across the river.

Covington crime problem stymies Postal Service's plan
The Postal Service wants to deliver mail using golf carts and similar vehicles in Covington. The City Commission is against it, in part, because of the city's notorious crime problem. Commissioners fear the packages would be stolen from the carts.

Duke Energy still throwing money around even after claiming it needs
a 17.4% rate increase

While it intends to raise rates 17.4%, it's still giving away money, even to for-profit companies

Most people didn't know Latonia had a police substation
Nevertheless, the Covington City Commission approved a new lease with Ritte's Corner building owner Rick Kennedy Tuesday night. Interestingly, the amount of the lease is not specified on the meeting agenda.

  • 'The war on coal is over' says EPA chief
  • What is the most popular Halloween candy in Kentucky?
  • Local TV news has lost 31% of its viewers
  • People magazine says the Brown Hotel in Louisville -- home of the 'hot brown' -- is the state's most popular restaurant.

    Two NKY high school football
    teams in the Top Ten

    Two local high school football teams in the Top Ten in the Class A state high school rankings.

    Join the conversations
    There's always something to talk about at "Northern Kentucky Life" on Facebook.

    Driver in Latonia boy's
    death pleas not guilty

    The driver accused in the deadly hit-and-run that left a child dead in Covington pleaded not guilty Monday morning.

    Repost: Carly Pearce breaks through with 'Every Little Thing'
    The Northern Kentucky native began a gradual but assured assault on country radio last spring with the breakup ballad “Every Little Thing,” a pensive song that showcases a hushed, glowing vocal presence.

    Latest Kenton County pleas,
    mostly from Covington

    A new batch of guilty pleas in Kenton County. Know anyone? Check the list.

    Another government boondoggle: State's broadband service in trouble
    Kentucky’s plan to build one of the country’s largest publicly owned broadband networks is suffering from cost overruns, construction has been plagued by delays, forcing the state to pay $7 million in penalties.

    Football team honors
    boy killed in Latonia

    Eli Kindt, 6, died when he was hit by a car in Latonia, according to police. He was riding his bike at the time of the incident.
    Comments at Latonia News >

    Rabbit Hash to introduce
    its own beer brand

    After the little historical society spent 2016 complaining about a Cincinnati brewery's plan to honor the hamlet of Rabbit Hash by using its name (a plan since canceled), the general store has decided to market a beer called "Rabbit Hash General Store Golden Ale".

    Homes, cars in Covington
    tagged with graffiti

    A number of houses and cars in the area have been tagged with hateful messages. Local 12 found a couple on Bakewell Street scrubbing away graffiti with brushes and sandpaper.

    Kentucky 40, Missouri 34
    Kentucky football held on for a 40-34 win over Missouri on Saturday night. Find the box score and recap below.

    Bad PR: Few attended bluegrass festival at Devou Park
    Few attended the DevouGrass Music & Arts Festival Saturday. It wasn't well promoted. Could be a huge yearly event if only organizers understood the value of promotion. This happens a lot.

    Latonia child struck
    and killed by vehicle

    The child was hit near the intersection of Decoursey Avenue and East 32nd Street around 4:30 pm while riding his bike, say 911 Dispatch reports. The driver was later arrested.
    Comment at our Latonia News neighborhood page >

    Highlands shuts out Dixie Heights
    Nick Veneman caught four touchdown passes and finished with five receptions for 153 yards as Highlands blew out Dixie Heights, 47-0 on Friday.

    Dowds leads Camels
    past Connor Cougars 54-28

    The Campbell County Camels traveled to Hebron it turned into the Alex Dowds Show on its way to a 54-28 win over the Conner Cougars at Fred Nevel Stadium.

    No body found in Ohio River
    There were reports of a person floating in the Ohio River near the Suspension Bridge. Rescue crews were on the scene Friday evening, but found nothing.

    Frisch's has a great
    weekend deal for you

    2 Big Boy combos for just $10. Available Friday – Sunday, 4pm to Close.

    Best bets in high school
    football -- week 7

    Check out the best bets for Northern Kentucky for week seven.

    Cincinnati area 'terminally
    uncool' to get AmazonHQ2?

    "Its reputation for being a quiet, relaxing place to raise a family is a minus when competing with places like San Francisco for young techies."

    Dozens arrested in drugs infested Covington
    More than 50 people are facing charges following a nine-month narcotics investigation, Covington Police announced Thursday.

    Fall is great time
    for a yard sale

    Fall is always a great time for yard sales. Here's the listing for this weekend's sales across NKY and Cincinnati.

    Timely 'Frankenstein' production now at Newport theater
    Victor Frankenstein's grotesque and bewildered creature wanders world seeking acceptance and compassion. Mature sexual content and violence.

    Bob Evans in Newport
    permanently closes

    Bob Evans in the Newport Shopping Center has closed permanently after 22 years.

    Air Care responded to
    rollover crash in Burlington

    One man was flown to University of Cincinnati Medical Center shortly after the 7:40 a.m., they said. The accident was reported on Camp Ernst Road near Camp Ernst Lane.

    Week 7 in high school
    football begins tonight

    Week 7 in high school football begins tonight (Thursday). Check the schedule for this week's games.

    Bluebird Brew Cafe offers
    life lessons for students

    Highlands High School has its own coffee shop, the Bluebird Brew Cafe. It’s a student run business where students can develop lifelong work skills.

    Woman charged with murder after admitting to shooting husband
    A fatal shooting investigation was underway in Northern Kentucky Wednesday morning after a woman called 911 and said she shot her husband, according to Gallatin County dispatchers.

    Went on shopping spree at Fort Wright Walmart using stolen card
    On September 14, 2017 at 5:30 pm, two males and two females entered the Walmart, located in Fort Wright, KY. They made several purchases with a stolen credit card, totaling $ 1,730.32.

    I-75 was a mess Thursday morning
    I-75 northbound traffic was backed-up all the way to Turfway Rd to the bridge and beyond. At-dawn rain and a wreck in Cincinnati being given as the reason.

    Boone County school parents upset over busing delays
    Boone County Schools is in need of bus drivers and parents want the district to take more action.

    Kroger shares rise on
    rumor it's about to be sold

    Shares of Cincinnti-based Kroger Company rose Tuesday as traders circulated chatter of a potential bid from Dutch retailer, Koninklijke Ahold Delhaize.

    Covington postpones Licking River Greenway expansion
    While the City of Covington continues to throw money at groups and organizations who should be capable of raising funds on their own -- and to new small businesses who shouldn't be in business unless they have good credit -- the Commission is postponing the trail expansion.

    Country Pumpkins fall
    festival is now a big deal

    DRY RIDGE: In 2000, the Colson family began selling pumpkins on the side of the road, trusting passersby to leave their payments in a simple honesty box.

    FedEx hiring holiday workers at Independence warehouse
    FedEx has announced that it expects to add more than 50,000 seasonal positions throughout its network to help the holidays arrive this year, including hiring 1,100 people in Northern Kentucky at their facility in Independence.

    Boone County Sheriff looking for this 'person of interest'
    This person is a general person of interest in an ongoing investigation.

    New traffic pattern in Newport nearing completion
    A new traffic pattern is in place. KY 8 eastbound traffic from the 4th Street-Veterans Bridge is now on the new pavement and part of the roundabout.

    Check out who's in
    trouble in Kenton County

    Here's the list of people convicted in Kenton County, September 25-29

    Burlington KY child actor to star in Travolta film
    Travolta plays Gotti while Silas Mayer, of Burlington, nabbed a role as the mob boss in his youth.

    Boone County invites residents to have 'coffee with a cop'
    Sheriff Michael A. Helmig is hosting our local flavor (if you will) by inviting Boone County, KY residents to join him and his staff for coffee and conversation on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at Paradise Donuts.

    Fans burn NFL gear at NKY restaurant
    Some people in Northern Kentucky said they are fed up with those in the NFL disrespecting the nation's flag and anthem. The owner of a bar in Wilder invited those people to destroy their NFL gear outside.

    14-year-old boy was
    struck by vehicle in Florence

    A 14-year-old boy was struck by a vehicle and hospitalized Monday morning, a Boone County dispatcher said. The teen suffered non-life threatening injuries when he was hit on the corner of Scott Drive and U .S. 42 just before 7:30 a.m., she said.

    Two arrested after overnight car break-ins in Latonia
    Reports of several car break-ins in Latonia. One adult and a juvenile have been arrested, says 911 Dispatch.

    First legal 500-acre hemp farm unveiled near Cynthiana
    First legal 500-acre hemp farm in Kentucky unveiled near Cynthiana.

    Cracker Barrel in Campbell County starts hiring on Monday
    Told you about this, but as a reminder: The new Cracker Barrel store in Cold Spring starts hiring on Monday. Details at the link. It opens around October 30th.

    Someone is guilty in that 2012 Campbell County murder case
    A notary named Brittany Young did most of those affidavits in the Shayna Hubers trial and it turned out that she forged most of the signatures.

    People are feeding
    kittens to snakes

    The reports have come from different places in the Tri-State including Covington, Hamilton and Middletown.

    Man Dressed As Coke Bottle Robs Kentucky Restaurant
    Police in Kentucky are having a tough time investigating a robbery of a Rally’s restaurant Monday morning.

    Sick video: Woman
    stages her own abduction

    Police say Thelma Williams posted images of herself on Facebook showing her bound, gagged and crying for help.

    US 27 pavement project begins in Campbell County
    Work will take place from KY 471/Sunset Ave. in Highland Heights continuing north through Ft. Thomas to the I-471 ramps. Motorists need to watch for crews and lane closures.

    Northern Kentucky schools
    are not at top performance

    The schools that performed well on the newly released 2017 state achievement tests had the most students scoring at high levels, called proficient or distinguished, in math, reading or social studies.

    One of Covington's oldest companies still serving you
    Fedders Feed & Seed has been in business since 1875 and carries a full line of lawn and garden, pet supplies, bagged mulch, bulk mulch and much more. Stop by! Also has an Edgewood location.

    Gateway College's student loan default rate improves a bit
    Gateway Community College had a 23.1% student loan default rate, and that's an improvement.

    Crews in Northern Kentucky
    battled a house fire overnight

    Crews in Northern Kentucky battled a house fire Thursday morning. It broke out about 4:15 a.m. in Ft. Mitchell on Leathers Road off Dixie Highway.

    Best bets in high
    school football

    It’s Week 6 in Northern Kentucky, but the majority of key matchups still involve non-district foes. Smaller schools Beechwood and Lloyd look to pull out wins against Simon Kenton and Conner, respectively, and Ryle takes on Indianapolis power Cathedral.

    State may require most
    Medicaid recipients to have a job

    Kentucky’s proposal stipulates that in order to receive Medicaid, participants who are of “working age” and do not have documented disabilities must work at least 20 hours per week

    Covington recognizes
    who saved a life

    The City of Covington presented seasonal Department of Public Improvement employee William Thompson and former employee Zach Sullivan with “Health & Safety” award certificates, honoring them for their heroic actions in saving a man’s life.

    Boone County will be moving
    a lot of students around

    Boone County Schools is building a new middle school -- Ballyshannon in Union -- and that means redistricting for several of our existing middle schools.

    Parents write approvingly about free fruit for kids at Kroger
    Kroger stores are offering free fruit to kids who are accompanied by a grocery-shopping parent.

    Boone County invites residents to have 'coffee with a cop'
    Sheriff Michael A. Helmig is hosting our local flavor (if you will) by inviting Boone County, KY residents to join him and his staff for coffee and conversation on Wednesday, October 4, 2017 at Paradise Donuts.

    Armed Forces Memorial in Devou Park to be rededicated
    On Friday, September 29, at 4:30 p.m., the City of Covington will host the grand opening ceremony for the Armed Services Memorial in Devou Park.

    Cincinnati continues to
    have 911 disruptions

    When Matt Woods saw a possibly drugged driver going down the street "like a bat out of hell," he dialed 911. He says he "called for five minutes — no one would answer."

    Florence police officer
    has new friends

    Florence Police Sgt. Rettig made some new friends last week at Back The Blue NKY Hidden Rock Club. "Special thanks to Marissa, Scarlett, Levi, and Cody for your awesome artwork!".

    Ten great
    Rabbit Hash photos

    These ten great photos of Rabbit Hash that go all the way back to 1894 may make you say "wow".

    Kentucky ANG establishes air hub for Hurricane Maria relief
    Thirty two members of the 123rd Contingency Response Group departed the Kentucky Air National Guard Base on Sept. 23, 2017, to establish an air cargo hub that will support Hurricane Maria relief operations across the Caribbean.

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