Old Northern Kentucky photos

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  • 11th and Russell, Covington, Cathedral in background. Guessing 1950s?

  • Latonia Springs Picnic Grounds. Pretty sure this is where the UDF in Fort Wright is located today.

  • Morning View Hotel, along the train tracks.
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  • Villa Madonna Academy 'near Ludlow' in the early 1900s, after it moved from the Covington basin.
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  • The Johnson House Hostelry in Williamstown back in 1901
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  • At Proc Brothers Store, Limaburg, Boone County. 1940s (or 50s).
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  • Central House Hotel, Burlington, later became Burling Hardware
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  • C&O train depot in Bellevue
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  • And one extra old photo: The Fort Theatre in Fort Thomas. Today, it's the home of Coffman Realty.
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