Ten great photos of Rabbit Hash before the fire

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Ten great photos of Rabbit Hash before the fire
1. As the original building looked not too long ago but don't have the exact date. Donated photo.

2. Corps of Engineers employees lunching when it was called Stephen's General Store. 1976.
Old KY Post photo.

3. Clifford Stephens, owner of Stephens General Store in 1978, later called Rabbit Hash General Store. KY Post photo.

4. Pattie Purnell pumping gas near the general store in 1979. Old KY Post photo.

5. Dirt is brought in to cover road in Rabbit Hash for filming of "Huckleberry Finn," 1984.
Old KY Post photo.

6. Rabbit Hash General Store after being modified for "Huckleberry Finn" filming in 1984.
Old KY Post photo.

7. As the general store looked in 1967. That's owner Emma Craig and her son William when it was called Craig's. Old KY Post photo.

8. Preacher on the store's porch in 1917. NKYviews.com photo

9. Then called Craig's General Store circa 1930s. NKYviews.com photo

10. Called Wilson & Riddell back in 1894. NKYviews.com