Two versions on how Congressman Massie was called a 'piece of sh*t'

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Two versions on who called Congressman Massie
a 'piece of sh*t'

Northern Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie was called
'a piece of shit' for voting against federal aid

The Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce farms out its public relations work to a third party, to cataclysmic results.

Scooter Media is now taking the blame for a recent tweet that called Northern Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie "a piece of shit" for voting against federal aid for hurricane victims. The tweet was posted in the name of the Chamber of Commerce.

However, the Chamber's new president, Brent Cooper, says it was done by someone within the organization and claims the tweet was not authorized.

Now the small public relations appears to be taking the fall for the new Chamber president.

Cooper told Gannett that only two chamber staff members have access to the account, he and one other staff member.

"I know it didn't come from me," Cooper said.

But this morning Scooter Media -- based in Covington -- says it was the culprit telling a Chamber-allied advocacy site that it was the work of Scooter's employee, who meant to post on her personal account and used the Chamber's by mistake. Cooper financially supports the advocacy site.

The tweet was deleted shortly after it was posted Wednesday afternoon and Cooper has apologized, says Gannett.

But why there are two versions to the story remains unsolved. That usually means something fishy is going on.

Scooter Media has blocked the NKY News Network, largest news source in Northern Kentucky with 113,000+ readers, for years from receiving information from the Chamber. We have worked around it, when need be.