CREEPY: Three humps in the road are where witches are buried

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Three humps in the road are where the witches
are buried

The Witches Tree, also called Witch Hill, is an urban legend in Alexandria, Kentucky.

For the most part, the legend is dead as the tree in question was cut down a few years ago.

The story goes that three witches were hung from this tree.

Before the hanging, they placed a curse on the tree, or rather against anyone that dares to spit on, or cut down said tree.

Obviously, the curse didnít do much good since the tree no longer stands.

There are also three large humps in the road leading up to the tree, these are said to be where the witches are buried.

If so, they must have been some pretty hefty witches.

There have been various reports and stories of strange happenings here over the years, the most prominent story being that if you try to take pictures of the area, they will not turn out.

The road is located off the AA highway on Rifle Road.

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