IN BRIEF: Man appears out of nowhere at Twin Tunnels

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Man appears out of nowhere at Twin Tunnels

The twin train tunnels in Ryland Heights are in an area that's very dark (no street lights), and feels very desolate, though there are homes up and down the road.

According to local legend, a man was killed in one of the tunnels here back in the 1930ís, and if you come here after 10:00 pm, you may see him in or near the tunnels.

He is said to have brown hair, and wears a white t-shirt. Maybe he was connected to the railroad company, or just someone walking the tracks.

He's usually said to be seen walking towards the tunnel exit, and in some versions of the story is carrying a lantern.

Can this tale be true? Someone living in the area posted online:

"I have taken many pictures out there and had orbs appear, my great uncle has shown me a Indian cemetery that's on the property. The tunnels are creepy and dangerous."

Another resident noted:

"I live in the adjacent road and grew up in the area and have been there when the lights and arms have been down for no reason as well as when they have not worked and should have."

Karsyn didn't want to talk about her experience:

" I had an even weirder experience but no one ever believes me so I never talk about it anymore. Needless to say, I know this place is haunted."

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